Crash Team Racing ( CTR ) For PC

This time I’m sharing another game, namely CTR. The name of the game is Crash Team Racing. This game is actually a PS1 game, but it’s still very fun to play. CTR is not just an old game, but it’s also very popular because most friends already know this game. The Crash Team Racing game or CTR that I’m sharing is a PC game that you can play with a controller or directly using the keyboard. In my opinion, CTR is an interesting and exciting game to play with friends. Interested in downloading? You can see the game preview below.

Screenshot :

CTR Tanpa Emolator
Crash Team Racing For PC

Crash Team Racing ( CTR ) For PC Free Download

Note: Already tested by WDF Share admin and successful. To play, just right-click and then run as administrator.

How to Save CTR game to continue the adventure anytime:

  1. open notepad => file –> save as
  2. change .txt to All Files then name it
  3. Save it in the CTR folder or anywhere as long as it doesn’t get lost or stolen. he he..
  4. Open CTR => File => Settings => Memory Cards, then click … in the first box, then search for the file earlier. when you find it, click open
  5. then try to save, surely it will display the message “There is no memory card” press / (triangle on the stick) to cancel press O (circle on the stick) to FORMAT
  6. you press “S” because if on the keyboard the O button (circle on the stick) is S. if it’s done, 4 slots will appear for saving
  7. click X on the keyboard then in adventure choose new and select where to save it.

INFO : Jika ada yang ingin Donasi bisa klik iklan atau bisa via Saweria. Terimakasih